Through the eyes of the soul, empowered creativity, insight and healing..

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Dear Soul

Calling on a joyful innocence, creativity and fearless strength that is our soul through which we are connected to the energy of divine source.

healing with dreams

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation is a time tested technology of elevation, offering us efficient & practical actions we can take to supercharge our life force energy, develop intuition and face our emotional issues and life challenges as we cultivate the power within us.
A powerful catalyst for healing & transformation.
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As an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, I can offer a unique service to support your healing journey . Soul Realignment is an empowering form of energy healing that helps us gain insight into the root causes of our issues and challenges in this life and to take action that affirms who we are at Soul level.learn more

In Person Classes, Co. Mayo

Introductory Class on Tuesday 12h September -
spaces are limited so please contact me via text or email to confirm your place.
Relax & Renex: Yoga for Resilience & Stress ReliefA six week course for women, starting 19th SeptemberOpen to beginners, this course introduces the powerful technology of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation with a focus on stress reduction. Each class includes warm up exercises, visualisation, a yoga set, deep relaxation and meditation. With live music.The course is limited to 10 participants and the investment is 75 euros for six weeks.

Body, Mind & Soul


Through our dreams we can gain more insight into the root cause of our issues, learn more about our spiritual gifts and receive guidance for our healing.learn more

cutting the ties

Cutting the Ties

This is a form of ancestral healing that allows us to forgive and let go of the negative influence of the past so that we can live a life of joy and self expression. We gain awareness to heal our family patterns so that these are not passed on to our children.learn more

Healing & Home

Property Clearing

Our homes carry energetic baggage of all that has happened both in the property & on the land where the property has been built. Through this service, you can gain awareness of any unsupportive negative energetic influences present in your property and invite more alignment so that your home can support the self-expression and well being of all inhabitants.

S. O. S.


I found the Soul Realignment work with Sharon to be very powerful. It was enlightening, in the literal sense - shedding light on things - and in a useful way. It shed light on patterns of thought and behaviour, and ways of thinking and viewing things - and on what could be at their roots at the very deepest level.
The homework was a good way to anchor in the session and the detailed information shared, as well as being part of the overall process. It helped strengthen and focus my intention for healing and clearing.
Sharon's calm and focused presence was valuable when looking at challenging past life experiences during the process of the Soul Realignment work.
I would highly recommend Soul Realignment sessions with Sharon Ni Chuilibin.

Alice H. O. Gorman


Thank you so much Sharon for your wonderful soul healing session. I was amazed at the information you were able to bring through for me just to having my name, date of birth and place of birth. So much about this information resonated deeply within me on many different levels.  This has given me for insight and awareness into myself and into my mission here on this earth plane.
You have cleared many energetic blocks that were presenting in my field of experience and that were interfering with my progress.
My homework is ongoing and I'm excited to see what comes through for me as I move forward on my journey.
I would highly recommend a Soul Realignment healing session with Sharon.  I throughly enjoyed the process and found it very valuable.

Aoife N.


I had a soul realignment session video call with Sharon.It was my first experience with this process and Sharon explained it all so clearly to me and held such a beautifully safe and clear space for me throughout.I found the session to be fascinating, revealing and healing and felt free to go gently at my own pace with the homework.I took my time to do the homework  the session and felt no pressure from Sharon trusting to do what is right for me which was very healing.My life energy now feels stronger and clearer from this work. I feel like my true self again.I highly recommend to anyone feeling called
to experience soul realignment process.
Sharon is a really gifted practitioner..

Mariana B.


I cannot recommend Sharon enough for the soul alignment session(s). She is a very gifted akashic reader and she will help you discover several deeper truths and circumstances about yourself, giving you a map to some of the root causes of your predicament. This will in turn help you to become more conscious around these programs/beliefs that were adopted and that run underneath your actions. The newly gained awareness will expand your capacity for (Self) compassion and (Self) love.


Soul & Sound

I am also a musician, composer and singer-songwriter. Music is a key part of my own creativity and soul expression. Live music is offered as a key part of classes & retreats. You can find me on youtube, bandcamp & spotify.



Healing Retreat, Carlingford, 2022



A nourishing space to relax



Experiences of joy, wonder & cosmic awareness are available to us now as was with our ancestors.
Our soulful nature is ever young.



Contact me if you have any questions...



Taking time to focus on our own healing journey in a nourishing environment - to return refreshed and re-energized to face the challenges of life! You will experience powerful Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, deep relaxation, and creative activities designed to nourish your body, mind & soul. Experience live music, individual healing sessions and delicious healthy food in a beautiful environment.
If you would like to be informed of forthcoming retreats, please share your email address below.



Co. Louth

Harvest Retreat in a beautiful Mountain Setting at the
Eagles Rock Retreat
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Samhain Retreat

Sharon on the mound of the hostages, Tara hill, Co. Meath.

Our Spiritual Heritage

Healing at the Roots

Let us find remedy in our roots. As a humanity, we are facing collective & systemic problems, dissociation from nature in a mechanistic soul-denying society. There have been many historical 'turning points' that have brought us to the present day challenges and crises. Once we have perspective, we can gain consciousness and through this awareness new choices become possible. Irish Medicine- Imram Anama is a unique a online journey through Ireland's Spiritual & Cultural Heritage.

© Soul Compass by Croi Glas - Sharon Ní Chuilibín, 2023. All rights reserved.Credits: Gif from original edit with footage filmed at Miltown Malby strand, Co. Clare. Rose photo by Tiffany Nguyen on unsplash
. Property Photo by Luke Stackpoole on unsplash

Soul Realignment

Soul Level Healing & Transformation

Soul Realignment involves intuition and an ability to access soul level information stored in the spiritual database that is known as the 'akashic records'. The records are a neutral record of all that has happened in the life of a soul since origination. Yes, that is quite profound - and I did not think it could be possible at first. Being able to access 'soul level information' also lies outside the realm of accepted western science and thus may readily be dismissed by those who are not aligned to such a possiblity - or whose chosen paradigm does not include a 'soul'!As part of training for this work, one must develop discipline and focus. The temptation may be to meander through stories of 'past lives' yet one has to hold steady through the wiles of curiosity or distraction. This is important to remember when you are receiving your session, we are focused on transformation and actionable insights with a view to transformation. The goundedness of this discipline, although within the 'spiritual", is what attracted me to this work.In reading the Akashic Records, we access awareness of the soul at origination and then, as you have set your intention, we receive clarity on those 'blocks and restrictions' that are preventing you from realising your intention.There is quite a bit of detective work on my part, to gain clarity on all that has been revealed so that we can arrive at coherant soul stories that can make sense of how and why you came to feel, perceive, behave.. as you do.

Intention & Action

As you set an intention for transformation, and how you would like your life to change for the better over the coming six months, you begin the process of transformation. Your intention, ie. because you want to see some changes - will bring those issues to the fore that are blocking you from moving forward, as they show up in the Akashic Records. This can be any number of things - all amounting to an energetic pattern that has been negative for you.The good news is that, through awareness gained in Soul Realignment, you can clear these negative patterns at their root - and initiate a new way of being that affirms more of who you are at soul level.After all, change happens here in the third dimension - we have to take action.. the work of Soul Realignment opens a door to change:
it is up to you to step through it!


I am available to offer a limited amount of Soul Realignment Sessions every month.
To book a session, please use the form below to send me the necessary details:
Date of Birth, Place of Birth, and Name at Birth.
I will then be in touch to arrange when I can share my findings with you.
This is a session via zoom that lasts between one and one and a half hours.

To complete your booking please visit Stripe to make a payment using the button above.
Thanks and see you soon!

Property Clearing

Property Clearing involves looking at the energetic influences that are associated with any property. These may include negative thought forms, earthbound souls and how the land on which a property has been built has been assigned in the past ie. as a burial ground, battle ground or sacred site. What has happened in any property in the past may continue to have a negative influence in the present. With permission of a property owner, and given a property address - it is possible to research and then clear negative energetic influences from any property, even at a distance.To book a property clearing, please use the form below. This is a wonderful way to uplift the energy of our home environment. You may wish to support your own healing and self expression, or, if you are selling a property, to make it a more attractive prospect.This can be done from a distance and operates through our intention & awareness.


"There is a way through every block.."

A Technology of Transformation

I have been teaching Kundalini Yoga & Meditation since 2014. A powerful technology of transformation that can help us to develop radiance, health, vitality and strength - kundalini yoga & meditation can have a profoundly positive impact on one's wellbeing.
I have since taught in schools ( also as Gaeilge), to adults, teens, children and elders and more recently online. Qualified as a level one KY instructor, Radiant Child yoga teacher & trained to deliver a Kundalini yoga programme for PTSD.
I offer one to one classes online and as part of in person retreats.Classes are to begin in person, in Co. Mayo in September 2023.


Image of students from the PTSD training in Germany, 2017.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk to open"
Anais Nin

Healing from Within

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation for P.T.S.D.

In 2017, I completed a training with the Academy of Life and the pioneering Toronto based teacher,
( poet, writer & social justice activist), Guru Fateh Singh Khalsa.
This was a special training developed through the work of one of Guru Fatha's students, Farah Jindani. As part of her Phd research, Farah Jindani conducted a study of the befits of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation for sufferers of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( P.T.S.D.). The programme of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation that I am offering was specifically designed to support the healing of those suffering symptoms of P.T.S.D., as part of that study.The subject of 'trauma' is one that has long interested me. I have had my own share of complex trauma and symptoms of PTSD. I was blessed to be able to travel to Germany for this training.I am glad to finally be able to offer this programme to support others who may be experiencing extreme stress or who have themselves suffered adverse or traumatic experiences.A key part of this programme is that we do not need to share our stories from the past. Instead, we can direct our energy to developing awareness of the present moment and nourish our physiology through movement, breath, sound and deep relaxation.You will receive guidance on setting up a safe space for your practice and learn life skills that can support you far into the future.Trauma is endemic in our world today. To be healed from the impact of trauma in our lives is to be able to access our innate creativity, joy and innocence. It is to be able to meet the future from a place of confidence rather than fear. We can learn to rest in the flow of that infinite energy that is available to us - and cultivate the life force within us.The purpose of this pilot offering is to test and develop resources to support the yoga & meditation programme itself using the Sutra platform for online learning.This course will begin in September 2023 and is offered via zoom one morning a week for eight weeks.If you have any questions about the Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Programme for PTSD, please contact me .

**Please register your interest using the link below and I will send on additional information and a link to make a donation

Image of students from the PTSD training in Germany, 2017.

Healing with Dreams

I published a book on Healing With Dreams together with George Rhatigan, in 2022. Having first discovered this modest yet wise healer when I was just 20 years old, it was an honour to be able to support him ( now in his eighties) to share his life's work. George has appeared on radio and television, in the 1990's and continued his healing work for over sixty years. He is known by word of mouth for his profound ability and insight in working with dreams.In the book Healing with Dreams, George shares a lifetimes' inspiration and experience in helping people to heal their issues and transform their lives.To learn more about this work you can visit I have also worked closely with George over the past twenty years, he encourages me to share his unique insights & healing methods in how to work with dreams.If you have a dream that you would like to gain more insight into please use the form below and I will be in touch with you. Remember to give every dream a title ( intuitively without thinking too much about it ).

Academy of Dreams

Dreams sometimes seem like very crude educational aids of the soul. We receive through images and symbols - and it is up to us, not only to make sense of this language, but to respond to the message - if we choose to do so. Often, the images we receive are a way of asking us " is this what you want'? Dreams can really get our attention!Perhaps you have a recurring dream... or a particularly upsetting one that has caused some alarm. Know that you can always re-enter your dream and change it around. Point your finger at the monster, change colours, break down walls.. the possibilities are endless! Rather than being passive observers, our dreams invite us to engage with our creativity. George insists that this is where their true power lies. We can learn to take responsibility as we are the powerful creators of our own experience.Send up to three dreams and receive intuitive guidance on how you can work with these living images in your dreams.

Offered by Donation


Ag teacht. Coming soon"....Ag guí gach beannacht,Sharon Ní Chuilibín

"Níl Uasal ná íseal ach thuas seas is thíos seal"

"There is no high born or low, only ups and downs" ( Irish Saying)

Some Creative Projects

There is a debilitiating facet of the human condition that involves negation or self denial- if you have not heard about these projects or creative initiatives, I alone am the culprit. There is also the mute fact of an absence of delegation and, in attempting to do everything oneself failing to execute in totality the intended course of action...therefore, in transparency, I move from me to we. Thank you - in reading this, you too are now part of this moment of reflection and included in the dynamic capacity of language to render clear that which has been occluded, to render visible that which was unknown, to explain, to guide, to invite understanding. . "I too have been an island"

Tory Island Living Archives

The Tory Island Living Archives is a project funded by Creative Ireland in 2021 that I initiated with the support of Loic Jourdain of Lughfilms( Director of "Island of Gods" & "Turning tide in the life of man" ). This is an initiative to create a digital online presence for the island of Tory, oileán Thoraigh.Ar imeall na hÉireann, go mbeidh an fréamh cultúrtha agus spriodálta beo ionainn.At the edge of Ireland, one may consider Tory island as a microcosm of the macrocosm. Arbiter of a conversation between two islands; one big and one small."Islanders""Is mise an t-iolánaigh", "Ceard fútsa?"..
Seas ar oileán  Éirinn go bhfeicfidh tú cé hí.
"Cé mise, Cé tusa, cá bhfuil muid ag dul, tá an teanga á mhuscailt, tá na síolta le cur.."(Who am I?
Who are you?
Where are we going? ( personally/ collectively).
The language / tongue, is to be awakened - and the seeds are to be sown..)

Teacht i dTír

As part of an ongoing exploration of the process of coming onto land, "teacht i dtír" - as a symbolic journey that is undertaken by those for whom both language and land are but a distant horizon. From the turmoil of churning, restless seas, one can but view the possibilities.Just as the past is the depth of the present, to invite true presence in each moment is to integrate all these parts of ourselves - even those that may have been culturally or spiritually, lost at sea."Teacht i dTír" was an exhibition held at Áras Inis Gluaire, Belmullet Arts Centre, in Winter 2022.
The exhibition includes images in chalk pastel featuring coastal views of Co. Mayo. There are also collages of various sizes composed of gold card, images and text related to the Mayo Gaeltacht and it's people, taken from the national archives.
A centerpiece of the exhibition was a collection of shilouette maps, gold on blue featuring the various 'safe havens' where one might be able to come on land - a reference to 'Teacht i dTír". There were also a variety of loose ink drawings evoking thoughts of a life lived by the sea and my own ancestors on my fathers side who hail from Rossport, Ross Dumhach. The short film below features images from this exhibition that was held at Áras Inis Gluaire, Beal an Mhuirthead, the Belmullet Arts Centre, in winter 2022.

The short film below featured in the exhibition "Teacht i dTír". Is shows footage of a historic race between two currachs of Dún Chaochán that took place in autumn, 2022. This is a five man currach that was used by fishermen for hundreds of years here in Béal Derrig, Co. Mayo. These currachs are of a unique design and feature a steering oar. The rowing team use 16 foot oars.
It is remarkable that in over 250 years, the fishing records of the area show that not a single life was lost at sea in one of these boats, despite the fact that fishing for salmon in the atlantic required the men to brave the most stormy seas.
This race featured a local team and visitors from Currach na Sceirí, in Co. Dublin, featuring three Mayo born men.
The last time such a race was held in Béal Derrig was in 1953. Author and Breandán Mac Conamhna who fired the starting shot for this race, remembers the last race 69 years ago - his father fired the starting shot that day.
It is anticipated that races will continue to be held here in coming years, celebrating the local heritage and this beautiful and unique five-man currach of Mayo, Ireland.

Tearmann Teanga

"Tearmann Teanga"
or "Sanctuary of Language", grew out of my own emotional experience of finding refuge in the Irish language. In resonance with the vision of Tory Island Living Archive, I have been reaching out to language communities of place. One such community is to be found on Cape Breton island, Nova Scotia, where islanders of Scots heritage have been working to promote and animate Scots language and culture. I was Inspired by the work of the Gaelic Narrative Project and had the great pleasure and blessing to share many conversations with a wonderful woman called Frances Mac Eachen and later this extended to conversations with Shannon Ni'n Aonghus and Amber Buchanann who have an initative "Freumh is Fás" and a dream of establishing an eco village arts center to promote Scots language and culture. I am excited by the great potential for collaboration, synergy and exchange that this connection makes possible between our two cultures - two island communities seeking to enliven the roots of our shared humanity.

Online Gatherings

As part of seachtain na Gaeilge 2022, I hosted an online gathering together with Shannon & Amber of Freumh is Fás, and Frances Mac Eachen of the Gaelic Narrative Project. This was a journey of encounter and shared experience for the Scots Gaelic community of Cape Breton and the Irish.I look to develop Tearmann Teanga, as a way to nourish community and the emotional dimensions of engaging with language and culture, recognising that one may be on a journey of reclamation & healing. Language lives in the spaces between us - how can we nourish our humanity through this shared process?

To receive updates on forthcoming online gatherings please email me


Other Audio

In the above recording, listen to Donegal currach builder and author, Donal Mac Polin talk about 'Droichead na ndeor" and the toll of emigration on rural Ireland.

Ceol : Music

New single "Meadowsweet" available on Bandcamp.

Tá Dóchas Ann- "There is Hope"
(original song)

"Aisling Gheall" ( traditional )

"Flow" ( original song)

"I am the Light of my Soul"

Original music

New music and songs in Irish & English. On classical, acoustic and electric guitar, frame drum, tin-whistle, low whistle, sruti box, percussion & vocals.Currently recording a collection of original songs in Irish, healing mantras, nature songs & setting poetry to music."Gael-teacht"
A performance of original songs, storytelling and poetry exploring the Irish language with humour.
For booking enquiries contact via email

Irish Medicine

Imram Anama

Éire & A Global Paradigm Shift

When I first
offered this as a pilot programme in 2021, I was called to the sharing of this portal of connection to re-weave threads of wonder and meaning and bridge the emotional gap of longing that so many seem to experience: through loss of connection to the earth, through loss of connection to their ancestors. Grief knows no manners. Try as we might, the emotional chasms that exist and keep us, as a humanity, running ever faster - ever seeking for 'something' are also the portal to peace, to acceptance, to healing.
Ireland, as a symbolic and spiritual home of Christianity has known many knocks in her initiation as a wounded healer. The role of Ireland as a cradle of light, truth and learning was central, vital and heroic at the time of those "dark ages" in Europe. That was long before the "discovery" of America.Ireland, Éire, is also the first country to be colonised, to experience cultural subordination to a ruling authority. Yet, that indomitable spirit lives on though the longing lament and emotional tenor of music, poetry and in the beauty of her mountains, lakes and seas, in the courage to envision a better future for all.Irish Medicine, Imram Anama, is offered as a six week online course that is available via zoom and through the educational platform Sutra. Each week will include embodiment exercises, meditation, live music, poetry, teachings and guided visualisations to help you to deepen your connection and understanding of the land of Irleand.
We will be journeying through the elements, earth, fire, water, air and ether - to gain the gifts & lessons of each as we land ever more fully on the earth.
To see with new eyes, eyes alive through wonder.Please contact me if you would like to join me in September. I aim to offer this as a global space of conversation and connection, guiding a journey of remembering the spiritual roots of western civilization, reclaiming our connection to earth, soul and one another.Starting Wednesday September 29th at 7.OO pm, GMT.Go raibh míle maith agat

Cutting the Ties

"Growing up & Moving On"

"Cutting the Ties" is a process that was developed by Phyllis Crystal and which I have studied with George Rhatigan over the past twenty years having received great benefits myself. Please contact me via email, and I can share more details with you and discuss whether this would be an appropriate healing process for you to work with yourself.As part of the process of Cutting the Ties, over a six to eight week period you make a commitment to listen to a daily meditation, record  your dreams, and do regular journaling to deepen your understanding, self awareness and self knowledge with regard to the person / ( or issue) that you have decided to "cut the ties" with.Cutting the Ties does not mean a brutal rejection or final distancing from someone - but rather, it is a process of "growing up and moving on" allowing us to gain perspective on the experiences of our past and then achieve a maturity to be able to forgive and let go of that which no  longer serves us. This leads to greater perspective and maturity. The process brings us in contact with the power of our subconscious mind, the power of symbols and the importance of committment & intention as we seek to work on ourselves.Contact me if you would like to arrange a call to discuss this work with me.

"The well-being of all worlds depends on your own..."Hafiz


I would like to recommend the “Cutting the Ties “ process to others as I’ve found it very beneficial.Sharon, gently guided me through the process with her music and voice, where I experienced a deeper knowledge of myself and a greater understanding of interpersonal relationships and perceptions. I also found a sense of strength, peace and gratefulness afterwards.The journey was sometimes difficult and uncomfortable but constantly enlightening as it revealed areas that needed attention and growth within.Sharon's knowledge was invaluable to the process as her voice and feedback was able to give steadiness to uncertainty and clarity to what I thought indecipherable.I feel that “ Cutting the Ties “ has been a very worthwhile part of my journey.Le Buíochas,Robert Brosnan


You can contact me via text message on 087 155 0473
Or email me here

@croiglas / @oxmountain_soul